We’ll Always Have Summer (Summer #3) by Jenny Han



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Read from June 04 to 05, 2013

4.5 out of 5 Stars

It’s funny how desperation and wanting to prove too much point can lead to an act of desperation that can wither one can regret forever or put into a stop before it can create an irreversible damage. This book is about making a very hasty decision after a major event that occurs between the life of two individuals in a relationship just to prove a point. Which almost led to a life of mistakes and regrets.

You know it’s a good or a bad book when there’s an intense emotion that rises inside you that makes you want to throw your book or book reader so hard due to some courses of events from the story you are reading. In my case, it’s a good book that I got really carried away. There are many incidents in this book that I want to throw Lily Rosechild (My kindle)due to to intense emotion I feel towards the story and the characters.

The finale of the summer series is quite an enjoyable book and I had some epiphanies while reading through the stories like making hasty decisions when feeling intense emotions, doing stupid things just to prove a point, and being a selfish person. Along the pages, you maybe able to see all of those three or just one of them. But I can assure you that you will not be able to end this book without the thought of any of those three epiphanies I had.

Mother’s intuition can be a very powerful thing. I find it amazing that Susannah had known who Belly will marry and how Laurel had shown her disapproval towards the biggest mistake that Belly was about to take. I guess that mothers really know what’s best. The letter from Susannah was the most touching thing and the one that made the biggest impact of all. It was the turning point of the story where Belly and Jeremiah grew up and had a major character development. And for that, I loved this book.

The thing about this book is this is where Belly really grew up. It may not have happened in the start or middle, but at least it happened eventually. It was nice seeing that Belly stopped obsession and following Conrad around. As much as I love Conrad and as much as I ship him and Belly, it’s nice that Belly stopped staying behind his shadows and start becoming the lady she has to be. Also, it’s a good thing that Belly stopped being so stubborn and did not continue her plans of marrying the wrong guy.

As for Jeremiah, if I loved his character in the first two books, I started to get annoyed with him in this book. There are instances where I want him out of the picture. He maybe funny and cool but he’s getting on my nerves. Also, I’m one of those girls who believes that there’s no excuse for cheating and cheaters doesn’t deserve second chances. I find him childish and selfish that’s why I don’t think him and Belly will make a very good couple. They’ll just bring each other down.

For my favorite Fisher guy, Conrad, it’s so nice to see that he finally stopped self pitying and being selfless when it involves Jeremiah. His confessions will always be the most touching thing in this series. Being always there for Belly even if it hurts him a lot in planning Belly’s wedding. Also, his letters to Belly in the end are the most touching thing ever.

I find this book quite enjoyable and it’s a must read for those who wants something light to read. It has a good character development and cute love story. The summer series will give you a summer house that you will want to have in really life but will only have a chance to live in through the pages of the Summer series.


It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer Series) by Jenny Han Book Review


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Read from June 02 to 03, 2013

4 out of 5 stars

I find this series getting better and I’m enjoying this more than when I started reading the series. This book is when things get more emotional and more serious than the first one. A story of family, friend, love, and facing realities. It is where they grow up, well maybe except for Belly.

This book is about love, losses, and grieving. Upon losing two people who she dearly love into two different ways, Belly is having a very hard time. The death of her mother’s best friend came as a big slap to her for Susannah is like a mother to her as well. Then losing the love her life, Conrad, due to Belly’s immaturity and misunderstandings.

Given the fact of losses, there’s also fighting for their home, the house at the cousins beach. When Conrad and Jeremiah’s dad decided to sell the house, it is up for the three of them to save it and who else will help them, of course, Susannah’s best friend and Belly’s Mom, Laurel.

Also, this book is about choices. The one where Belly have to choose between the person that she’s in love with since she was young or her best friend who’s always there for her ever since. It’s a hard choice and what makes it harder is that those boys are brothers. Not just ordinary brothers, but they are the Fisher brothers (Beck’s boys).

I guess it will not be summer for Belly without Beck’s boys and the cousins beach. How I wish I have a summer house too where I can escape everything. Well, this book gave me a summer house where I can visit through the pages.

The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer #1) by Jenny Han Book review


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Read from May 31 to June 02, 2013

3 out of 5 stars

I had a hard time making a review for this book the first time I read it. Maybe because I haven’t feel summer that time yet or I’m not yet in the mood for a light read. But I must say that this book is one of those amazing summer reads.

CONRAD. CONRAD. CONRAD. Basically, the protagonist of this book is in love with Conrad and her world revolves around Conrad. Given that he’s her first love, I guess it’s understandable though in most time it’s kinda annoying.

This is a story of girl who’s going through the teenager phase of feeling like a grown up. Where she doesn’t want to be considered as a kid and to be on of the guys. It is also a story of having a different summer life while growing up. A summer life where Belly leaves her real life behind and enjoy what the Cousins beach has to offer.

But reading this is not all good and light for the protagonist sometimes bothers the hell out of me. I really find Belly self-centered and selfish. But i guess that it can be normal to the only girl where everyone usually give what she wants. She tries too hard to be a grown up but I believe that everyone goes through that phase. She has flaws and strengths but I’m still waiting for her character to grow.

As for Conrad and Jeremiah, how can beck have all the handsome guys for her offsprings? Just kidding. Well, they have different personalities that it’s either you prefer Conrad or jeremiah for they are both the so called ideal guy. Conrad is all handsome, mysterious, perfect, and the leader of the group. While Jeremiah is the happy-go-lucky, handsome, funny, and the jester of the group. Then there’s Belly’s brother, Steven. He’s the one who tries to pull Belly in the ground when she’s becoming too much. But all the same Belly is so hard to tame.

I can’t give this book higher than 3 stars for I’m not really contented with it. Though, I’m really in love with the ending. But I know that there’s more to the story than this.

The Wishing Spell (The Land of Stories #1) by Chris Colfer book review


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Read from May 27 to 30, 2013

4 of 5 stars

As we grow up, we have the tendency to forget the fairy tales we grew up hearing. This book by Chris Colfer is a good portal for us to go back and enter the land of fairy tales. A world of magic, princesses, princes, queens, kings, goblins, Trolls, dwarfs, fairies, and adventures that will inspire us to believe in the possibilities of hope and friendship with the characters we meet along the journey of reading such a magical book.

From the lessons that they bring to the reality of happy endings and tragedies, this book is must read for the people who loves fairy tales and to those who are in the verge of giving up for it give hope and inspiration that only children possess. It’s the kind of book that can make us revisit our childhood.

The thing about the main characters of this book is that just like the readers, Alex and Connor entered the world of fairy tales they enjoy reading (only with them it was really literal). Upon entering the world in the fairy tale book, they met characters that they befriended and inspire the way the character inspired them.

Reading this gives the chance of meeting Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping beauty, Red Riding Hood, Froggy, and the Charming brothers. It will also give you the chance to see the love story of Goldilocks and Jack (who climbed the beanstalk). This will also make us understand why the evil queen became evil. I had the chance of feeling the joy, the hurt, the surprises, and most importantly the magic that this books has to offer.

Journeying throughout the different kingdoms in search for the items the needed to return to our world, the twins encountered many adventures that can fulfill every readers imagination. They discovered secrets and heard stories that can add up to their knowledge into the world they grew up hearing from their dad and grandmother.

This books has many to offer. The revelations are as amazing as the magic it possess. And I can totally say that this book is a good portal to transport us into remembering the fairy tales we forgot.

Candy Magazine’s June issue (Philippines)

Every awesome geek must buy this issue. Why? Because it’s geek and fandom overload! It has Emma Watson, Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.  I guess I’ll just share the some of the pictures I’ve taken and please be informed that all pictures are from the magazines. (Sorry for the bad quality)



Emma Watson Stuff:







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Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars and Walking Dead:


Will Grayson, Will Grayson (Book review)


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Read from May 21 to 25, 2013

For those who wants to make a difference in this world for the better, this is the book for you. With John Green and David Levithan joined forces in writing, it created such an inspirational book that I found so hard not to love. I can’t imagine giving this book lower than four stars for I know that this book somehow changed my views in life. I don’t need to go through it for every person will have different outcomes after reading this.

First, I got confused in the start for I didn’t realize first that there will be two POV of two different Will Graysons with same name. But fortunately for me, I got the hang of it easily. The thing with the two Will Grayson is that both are very different and yet somehow the same. They both have fears in attachment but somehow they both have good hearts that make people around that want to be with them. Just like every person in this world, it takes a big blow for them to realize what they deserve and really wanted. As for the two Will Graysons, it was Tiny Cooper.

In our life, there are things we want and things we think that we don’t deserve. There are also things that we fear so much that it takes a great push to take more risk than we’re capable of. We have the fear of being alone and being with someone who leaves then left us broken. There are also incidents wherein we need other people to be in a relationship to make us realize how much we want them and how much we want to act upon our wants. We also have the tendency of waking up one morning and wanting to make the difference that will make this world a better place to live in.. Sometimes, it takes only a good show to answer everything.

There are many kinds of love in this world and I believe that I saw each kind of love in this book. It’s a very touching story of friendship, family, relationships, and companionship. It gives the awesome epiphany about the life we want to live in. Also, it will make us appreciate the people around us that makes us better or the people who are always there in every event in our lives.

Whether you admit it or not, sometimes you wake up wanting to sing and make your life as musical as possible for music can make things more colorful that they really are. Music has the magic of changing everything than can lead to acceptance of who another person is. Music and acceptance can be very different but if there’s one thing they have in common it is they both make our lives better. You might be asking why I jump into musical but believe me, you’ll understand when you read this book because I feel like I’m reading a musical about musical when I’m reading this.

I really enjoyed reading Will Grayson, Will Grayson. This is a good book to every person who feels like they’re life is going very wrong, people who are afraid to fall in love, people who are afraid to come out, people who feels like they keep on falling, and people who wants to make difference. If ever you’re going to read this, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.